Common Defects

We all wish that the home we are purchasing is perfect but the truth is that every home has some kind of common defect, weather active or past. Some of the most common defects, some severe and some not are;

Ceiling Stains- are caused by a present or past leak. Ceiling stains are very common but it can be very difficult to determine if the leak is a active leak or one from the past that has since been repaired.

Roofing Issues- worn and improper roofing is the most common defect. Most of the time general maintenance of a roof such as replacing damaged shingles and sealing openings will help extend the life of a roof.

Plumbing defects- some common defects found are leaking fixtures, dripping faucets, clogged shower heads and slow drains. No matter how old a home is some minor defects will be found.

Heating systems- most heating systems need some kind of routine maintenance. It might be as simple as replacing a filter or a yearly maintenance cleaning by a certified company. Some systems when they are older have faulty operations, damaged burners or bad heat exchangers.

Water heaters- many water heaters are installed incorrectly or not up to the current codes. Water heaters should be checked and installed by a certified contractor.

Wood rot- wood rot is commonly found in bathrooms and around bathroom fixtures due to not properly sealing or caulking. Another common area of wood rot is on the outside of a home by the trim work or on roof eaves.

Electrical- electrical defects are found in new as well as older homes. Most of the time it is wiring done in an amatauristic manner and not by a licensed contractor. There are many different types of defects such as un-ground outlets, improper GFCI outlets to improper main panel wiring.

Grading- grading is a common problem that most people overlook. As years go by a homes landscape changes and sometimes the grading around a home changes as well. When this happens the slope is towards the home instead of away from the home which in turn will let water drain into a home and cause major damage.

Water Damage- water damage can come from many different places; from leaking plumbing fixtures, roofs, floods and general seepage. If water damage is not treated it can cause mold, odor, foundation damage, pipe corrosion and wood rot.


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